Ref 942 - Super Comfort Completo

Mais Fotos

For a super comfortable and funny ride! The super colourful stroller is safe and practical for strolling when you fit the handlebar. While they are strolling, babies can have fun with the didactic activities in the protector frame. It is a 2 in 1 toy! When removing the protection and the feet holder, the flywheel turns around and the baby can play developing movement coordination and impulse. The stroller has a horn and the seat can be lifted to keep accessories and toys. It is super strong, and it bears up to 30 Kg.

Contents: 1 Super Comfort; 1 protector frame;1 stalk; 1 handle; 1 feet holder; 1 anti-falling protector.

  • +12 months
  • Coordination between eyes and feet
  • Fine motor skills - hands and fingers
  • Gross motor coordination - arms and legs

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